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Episode 8
"Don't Forget Your P's" Ellen & Christophe bring you their Holiday Gift | The 4 P's of a solid Business Start-up

Episode 7
"Top Secret" Clay Urquhart the founder of the Battle Rythm Beard Company gives you your marching orders on how to...

Episode 6
"Remember Me" Cameron Labrecque Makes His Pitch on his creation.
"Remember" Share Your Past with Your Future app.

Episode 5
"Grant Your Wish" How Grants Can Kick Start Your Business Featuring Oveda Hancock

Episode 4
"Pitch a Strick" The 12 Questions You Need to Answer for an interview

Episode 3
"The Music Men" Julius and Denyzio, pitch Penuin a talent platform

Episode 2
"zip your lip" all about patents with george walton

Episode 1
Judson Walls Makes His Pitch on "Constant Water"

Episode "Ground Zero"
Introduction To Make Your Pitch