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Podcast Episodes

Episode 22

Episode 21
"Toys Toys Toys" Rhonda Collins with Toycycle gives her Pitch on a unique concept to handle all the toys and items the kids have out-grown...

Episode 20
"The Billionaire Menu" David Roy Newby has studied the lives of many Billionaires and knows how they 'tick" as well as how to improve even the lives of the mega wealthy...

Episode 19
" Don't Look for a Venture Capalist, become one using VC 3.0" Vince Wicker, Patrick Tuttle and Ray PepIto give their Pitch about the coming New World...

Episode 18
"Time to Get on Board" Jared McNally of Shred Metrics Brings science into the selection of sporting goods, specifically snowboarding...

Episode 17
"Make your Pitch Precious" Our Guest is Precious Williams, an International know expert in the art of Pitching your idea/concept to create the most...

Episode 16
"How to find Yourself on Cloud 9" Michael Brown gives his Pitch on Cloud9AI and how it specializes in using Data...

Episode 15
"Nothing Artificial about This" Neal Sofian gives his Pitch on how Tuzag can change how AI can add to the quality of life.

Episode 14
"ParQ Your Investment Here" The Pitch by Ethan Glass shows a need and Parq Place is filling it. How to organize multiple parking platforms and increase parking lot owners and managers more than 3x their profits.

Episode 13
"Been There Done That" Bruno Manh, a Successful Startup Entrepreneur and Investor walks you through the maze of of how to get Investors.

Episode 12
On the Glide Path" Rob Bowen of Patriotic Insurance teaches how to fly your company away from danger.

EEpisode 11
"Give Me Water on the Side" Jimmy King gives his pitch on the Side-Bottle product. Creative way to safely add your phone with your water bottle.

Episode 10
"Follow the Music" Julius Hudson and Denyzio LaBoy Make Their Pitch on a platform for artists that levels the playing field

Episode 9
"What's Your Favorite Flavor?" Ellen and Christopher give you the flavors of business trends for 2021. Opinions that matter.